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Stephanos Outreach Adoption Program (SOAP) is a Community Based Development and Aid Program, providing care and support to the individual child through the extended family and contributes to sustainable development of the community as a whole. The project has five components: Agriculture, Education, Health, Adoption and Child Protection.

Project Area

The operation area is within Senior T.A. Kuntaja, located 30km Northwest of Blantyre. The specific area is GVH Chalamanda, with a population of 1,712 people, divided over 12 villages. The population is a mixture of different tribes, all united with respect to their cultural believes.

Target Group

The project targets and empowers self mobilized beneficiaries who are committed and capable to participate in their own demand-driven development initiatives: using locally available resources where requested.

The beneficiaries are all having a linkage with Namitalala Primary School. Children are not specifically selected as orphans or vulnerable children, because we believe that each individual child has an influence on the community, whether with parents or not.

The approach therefore is community based towards capacity building of the individual member of the community. The change of life of any particular child will make an imperative impact on the life on another.


Some of the activities SOAP is implementing are (selected few):

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Irrigation Farming
  • Crop Diversification
  • Early Childhood Development Education
  • Primary School Education Support
  • Adult Literacy Education
  • Community Home Based Care
  • Mobile HTC for guardians and school going children
  • Child Protection

Job Opportunities