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Spiritual Growth

Stephano Foundation Community Care for Children as a Christian organization supports orphans and vulnerable children in different programs. We have many spiritual activities, hence.

As a Christian organization, we have spiritual programs which help our staff and children at the compass to grow spiritually and have good morals. We have the Sunday school class, senior children and mothers’ catechisms. We also teach the Word of God at Stephano Vocational Training Centre through preaching(s) in assemblies and Bible Knowledge classes for all trades and courses. Every Monday morning, we have a week opening prayers and in Fridays we do close the week with Scriptures as well. Another spiritual activity is done at nursery and primary school where a special program of Bible Knowledge is offered by a competent staff.

We also meet with children in Sundays afternoon after the church. This is called Family Worship. As Stephano family, we come together to teach children stories from the Bible. .


Children need some exercises to develop physically. This is also part of learning. We have games that are offered to our children like football, netball, bawo and chess. Children are very much excited with these games. We sometimes have trips to play these games mainly football and netball with other institutions. We have been winning some trophies and given rewards like balls, jerseys and many more. This gives motivation to our children and staff.