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Stephanos Foundation Talandira Harvest Centre is located at Matapira turn off along M1 road in Traditional Authority Mazengera in Lilongwe district. The centre offers a number of projects which built on biblical principles such as Foundation for Farming (crops, moringa and livestock), child adoption, youth ministry, Sunday school and feeding program. Currently, the centre is working with a total of 458 community members. Below is the breakdown of beneficiaries under each project:

Number of beneficiaries per project segregated by gender

Department Male Female Total
Farming for Foundation (agriculture) 41  72        113
Child adoption (children and caregivers) 24  26 50
Youth ministry 27 24 51
Sunday school 62 60 122
Feeding program 62 60 122
Total 216 242 458


Planned activities and implementation status

In the month of January, 2023, a number of activities were lined up in all the projects. About 90 percent of the panned activities were successfully implanted.

The major highlights in the month are; training in pig feed formation and vegetable nursery establishment, planting of cowpea, adoption program introduction at Chilembwe Primary School (new site) and youth evangelism outreach program at Kang’oma Trading Centre in Traditional Authority Tsabango, Lilongwe district.

Activity description

Pig feed making training

The training was organized to equip Field Officer and Security guards in pig feed making and best pig management practices. The training was done for one day and was facilitated by the Project Manager and Zione Chikolosa, a volunteer piggery farmer. The training involved both theoretical and hands -on practical experience. Participants demonstrated an understanding on the subject matter and managed to come up with their own pig feed. As part of hands-on practical session, ten (10) bags of pig feed were made.

Cowpea planting

THC has embarked on cowpea planting project under Foundation for Farming. The reasons for planting cowpea are to provide natural mulch cover to the soil, replenish the lost soil plant nutrients, of income after sales of cowpea and dried leaves (mfutso).  A total of 4 acres of land has been planted but the activity is ongoing, the target its to plant 5acres.

Vegetable garden establishment

THC would like to have a nutrition sensitive vegetable garden as a learning platform for the faithful farmers. In the month, different vegetable seeds such tomato, red cabbage, rape, Chinese cabbage, carrot, red pepper, hot pepper, lettuce, cucumbers, onion, strawberry and spinach were procured and sown. These will be transplanted in February.

Fruit tree orchard establishment

In the month, different fruit trees for Mangoes, oranges, guavas, jackfruit, avocado peas and banana suckers were procured. Site planning been done and planting holes are being dug and the activity is still in progress.  The center would like to establish nutrition sensitive orchard for training faithful farmers

Youth evangelism outreach

Youth conducted an evangelism outreach through sports (crowd puller) in Traditional Authority Tsabango in Lilongwe district.  During the event, youth preached the word of God to the community members. Approximately, 70 community members attended the event.

Introduction of the adoption program to new catchment area

The adoption program was introduced at Chilembwe Primary School in the area of Senior Group Village Headman Chilembwe in TA Mazengera, Lilongwe district. This is part of adoption program expansion in which THC would like to recruit 50 more OVCs. The meeting was attended by Teachers, Chiefs, School committee members, mother group, Village Development Committee and Area Development Committee. The program was well received by the community member and pledged their committed to ensure that it achieves its intended goals.

Challenges and proposed solutions

Challenge Solution
Cholera outbreak 1. Sensitizing communities to follow good hygienic practices
2.  Suspension of feeding program until the diseases is contained
Mobility (shortage of bicycles) Procurement of additional bicycles
Lack of sport attire for girls Procurement of sports attire for girls
No Public Address (PA) system during youth sports evangelism Procurement of PA system