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This is one of the departments of Stephanos Foundation. Its vision is to sustain the farm and support Stephanos with a certain amount of local financial support. It started some two decades ago with the purpose of:

  • Educating the children in agriculture related programs.
  • Supplementing the foodstuffs to the Children on the campus and Daycare.
  • Generating local income through sales of various farm products and services.

The farm comprise:

  • 11 employees assigned in different sectors of the farm
  • The sectors include egg production, Vegetables, Milk and maize mills.

Products and services provided from the farm include:

  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Milling and shelling services

The foodstuffs are provided at a fee to supplement the food requirement for the home. The remaining products are sold to the community for income generation.

The services being provided by farm are milling and shelling. These services are open to the community and the home for income generation.

The farm also helps as a practicing ground for students from SVTC and Stephanos Primary school.