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The theme for the Care Department is to create a conducive environment and sound mind for children. Its aim is to help the children in the department to develop own decisions and plans concerning their future. It has  sub departments.

The Boarding Department /Unit

This is where selected orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs ) receive day and night care.  The care is holistic in nature (Spiritual, Physical, and Social).  The social workers in the department are responsible for all counseling and Child Protection activities in the department.

The department houses more than forty (40) children with ages 4-16.  These are assigned to the four houses in the department each house has a (Mother) (care giver) who looks after the children

The D/care Department

This department takes care of more than 200 Vulnerable Children of mixed ages and gender.  They are given free Education, Food and Health care every school calendar day.  They stay within a five kilometer radius and our social workers visit their homes regularly to check on their home situation and to familiarize with the Guardians of the children.

Holland Home

This is the Clinic of the Stephanos Village.  All medical and Health issues are brought to this centre.  The surrounding community also comes to this centre for assistance.

Stephanos Tailoring Shop

It is responsible for making and mending garments for the Children in our programs.  The shop also fundraises by making garments for communities around Stephanos Village.

The Resource Centre (Special Needs)

This is a Psychological assistance centre for the children with Learning Disabilities in the department.  It tries to assist these children boast their self-esteem while they are struggling with their cognitive development.  It takes a maximum of eight children who have 2 specialized teachers (Counselors).